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To Your Health Newsletter

April, 2017 (Vol. 11, Issue 09)
Chiropractic for Chronic Pain:
A Key Piece of the Puzzle

Chronic pain is a major issue these days, and finding solutions that don't cause even more pain and misery (read: opioid abuse / addiction, as we've discussed recently) is an even bigger issue. So, it's refreshing when we see a nondrug approach working - and boy, is this one working.

Danger Zone

Antibiotic Use & Childhood Obesity: A Clear Connection

Sleep Soundly

Losing ZZZ’s? Melatonin Could Be What You Need

Health Tips: Water, Water Everywhere

But Are You Drinking Enough?

No End to the Dangers of Smoking

Even Thirdhand Smoke Is Dangerous

Survive a Heart Attack

Exercise is essential to heart health, among other health benefits. A recent study suggests regular physical activity can also raise the likelihood that you'll survive a heart attack if you suffer one, and the amount and type of exercise you do determines your survival rate.

A Smart Diet Starts Before Pregnancy

The type and source of extra calories can make a difference when it comes to a healthy pregnancy or one frought with complications. Unfortunately, too many U.S. women aren't eating the right way leading up to pregnancy, which can increase the risk of various pregnancy complications.

Daily Heavy-Metal Detox

The good news is that, in addition to working to reduce our exposure and intake of dangerous toxic metals, there are some natural things we can do to help remove or detoxify and eliminate some of the heavy metals already in our body, and block the absorption of some heavy metals in our intestinal tract.

It's Great to Be Flexible

Without proper flexibility, range of motion, strength and endurance of the human body, your chances of anti-aging success are minimized.

Don't Lose Your Cool

There are two aspects to stress: the event and the response. Here are a few ways to deal with stressful moments without losing your cool.